A femail patient was admitted with history of long standing fever and sudden onser of breathlessness. Her CXR done immediaty wich revealed large left pneumothorax with underlying collapsed lung. Inter costral tube was inserted immediatly and patient get immediate relief. After stabilisatin patient was patient was diagnsed to hone TB and Started on ATT. Now patient is well, Her ICD removed and patient continued on ATT.

S Similar case of Pneumothorax right side was also treated successfully. This patient had a different history. Patient had chest massage from a local RMP, after that he developed Pneumothorax. ICD was inserted in this patient also to relieve Pneumothorax expansion no pathological case of Pneumothorax was found. This patient also doing well and now living happily.

Both patient of Pneumothoraxwere managed successfully by specialist of Jan Sewa Hospital. Jan Sewa Hospital always commited to provide quality treatment at low cost.

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