Patient presented with selling over lower part of lateral side of aright chest. There was no any sign of inflammation. Pt. Was complaining of occasional mild pain over the swelling. He had visited multiple RMP and other practitioner in last 6 months for the same complaint and had consumed antibiotics multiple times without any response. USG of swelling revealed it as a Cold abscess. Then pus aspiration was planned for further analysis. Pus was aspirated and was sent for pyogenic c/s and CBNAAT. CBNAAT is a test for tuberculosis and it also detects resistance against rifampicine. Rifampicine is a medicine used in the treatment of TB. This test is also known as GENE XPERT. on CBNAAT Mycobacteria Tuberculosis (TB bacteria) was detected alongwith resistance to rifampicine. Pt. and his relatives were counseled about nature of disease and importance of treatment. He was referred to DOTS PLUS site so that patient can be benefited by NTEP Programme and took free treatment provided by Govt. Jansewa Hospital is always commited to provide quality treatment at low cost.

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