Nursing staff and paramedical staff benefited from Glaucoma awareness workshop organized jointly by the Ophthalmology Department of Jan Sewa Hospital and Alcon Company.This was the third attempt to prepare doctors support staff for better care, counseling and promotion of eye patients. Under which, through a power point presentation for about three hours, many useful information was given.Chief Administrative Officer of the hospital, Baljit Singh said that this innovation of ophthalmologist Dr. Arun C. Pawar has brought unexpected changes in the qualification and efficiency of the hospital staff. Awareness workshop was inaugurated by Director Dr. Raghav Tantia by greeting everyone. After this, representatives of Alcon Company gave information to the staff about the causes, symptoms and preventive measures of Glaucoma, to give proper guidance to the patients. The side effect of Glaucoma in society was explained through figures and the curiosity of the staff was calmed.

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