Iqbal Khan gets new life in Jan Sewa Hospital
-Dr. PC Swami did the successful cancer treatment of Bone Cancer
Shri Ganga Nagar. The last one-and-a-half year was very difficult for the 17-year-old Iqbal Khan. Because Iqbal had jawbone cancer, he could neither eat properly nor speak correctly. Originally resident of Dhaban (Sangaria, Hanumangarh), Iqbal spent time with medicines from the local doctors, but finally seeing cancer was dead, someone advised him to be treated at the Jan Shankar Hospital located at Hanumangarh Road in Sriganganagar. . The most trusted center of state-of-the-art treatment at concessional rates came in Jan Savarkar Hospital, Dr. PC Swami, the cancer patient of the throat and mouth, examined Iqbal Khan’s primary screening and removed the cancer of the jawbone from the operation, due to this pain and discomfort. Gave the confidence of salvation After getting the consent of the family, the cancer was thrown out of Iqbal’s jaw two days ago, and his face was fixed by forming a new jaw. Dr. PC Swam told that after the operation, Iqbal is absolutely fine and now he has got a holiday. Within a few days, it will be able to live normal life as before. Iqbal is very happy after getting a new life in the Jan Seva Hospital. According to Dr. Swamy, due to being stranded in the akal bone, he gradually turned into cancer and proved to be a life threatening to Iqbal. In such cases, do not take it lightly whenever such a problem arises, and in time, get treatment through a doctor’s consultation.

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