Homoeopathy System of medicines is based on similia curentar homeopathy has good answer fpr acute as well as chronic dieseases where there is limitation of other therapedutic methods as per principle of homoeopathy wholistic approach is adopted.
Sri Ganganagar medical college(Tantia University) is attached with well equipped homeopathy hospital will out door and in door facilities. & out door patient department. Seven out door patient department and five special research OPD are there for the treatment of patient. The College has MOV with central counsil of homeopathy govt of india depatment of Ayush.

Following Senior faculties provide there services in hospital along with other doctors.

Dr. N.C. Chatterjee
Emeritus Professor Faculty of Homoeopathy.

Dr. Parveen Kumar
B.H.M.S., M.D.(Homeo),M.Sc.(Med), Ph.D.(Med.),M.B.A.(Health Care)
Director Academic & Research.

Dr. Charanjeet Singh
B.Sc.,B.H.M.S., M.D.(Homoeo), Ph.D.(Homoeo)
Dean Faculty of Homoeopathy.

Dr. P.K. Chakraborty
B.Sc.,BHMS, M.D.(Homoeo), Ph.D.(Scholar)
H.O.D. Dept. of Paedeatrics

Dr. Rajender Girdhar
H.O.D. Dept of Anatomy.